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Sleep Breathing Disorder

To help your love one breathe better, sleep better and smile bigger!

Team Natural focus in frisco

looks forward to helping you become the protector of your kid’s sleep. You have seen them since their birth. No one else would be the best person to look out for your kid’s sleep health.

At Natural Focus, we are here to help you identify the abnormal signs, and support you to get the therapy that is needed for proper sleep health by team approach.


Beauty sleep is a real thing!
Poor quality sleep will effect physical and mental health, performance and productivity. If it becomes more severe, sleep apnea may develop as well!

The importance of quality sleep

For most children, a multidisciplinary team will be needed to ensure a comprehensive sleep evaluation and treatment. Our network of providers includes pediatricians, pediatric sleep physicians, myofunctional therapists, ENTs, functional neurologist, psychologists, speech pathologists, chiropractors, and more

Parent evaluation of the child sleep

If you are not sure what are the signs and symptoms, please click on the questionnaire below

Consultation visit at Natural Focus

We will  exam your child for signs and symptoms of sleep breathing disorder.

Baseline Sleep info

Using sleep screening devices, we will determine if there are any sleep abnormalities.

Multi-disciplinary approach care

Providers in our network will work together to give your child the best sleep possible.

Please have the following below prior to your appointment as it will greatly help us out.

1. A completed Sleep Questionnaire form (download below)

2. A photo of your child's sleep posture

3. A copy of your SnoreLab result (This is a free app that you can download on your phone that can record your child's snoring.This will help us identify if your child snores).

4. If you have also noticed anything concerning about your child's sleep, you can also video record it and show it to us during the appointment.

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