New Patient Forms

As your local holistic dentist, we do not only see teeth and gum, but also connect your oral health to whole body health. We look forward to meeting every member of your family and helping them to achieve proper whole body health, and reach their full potential.

We would like to reduce the paper use in our office to decrease the amount of trees wasted. We would greatly appreciated it if you can complete the new patient forms before you come in for the first visit. This will also help us save time so we can focus more time on you! Together, we can save the planet and keep it green.

For your convenience, you can make a payment online. If you have any questions regarding your balance, please call the office. Thank you!

Insurance Policy

It has been and always will be a tenet of our practice to keep natural dentistry affordable for the average person in our community. We are considered Out of Network for all Insurance Carriers.

If you do not have one of the following carriers: Metlife, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Team Care, or Guardian you will be responsible for paying for your services in full at the time of your service. This does not mean you don’t have insurance benefits at our practice! If you have a PPO plan with any carrier, that means you have out of network benefits. We will continue to file an insurance claim for you, however your insurance will reimburse you directly. 

If you have Metlife, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Team Care, or Guardian  you will only pay your estimate out of pocket.

If you do NOT have one of the above carriers:

  • You will come in and receive your great dental experience as always.

  • You will pay for those services provided in full.

  • We will file an insurance claim for you (no paperwork on your end!)

  • You will get a check in the mail from your insurance carrier to reimburse you for whatever amount they may cover.

This goes into effect Sep 1, 2021.

If you do not want to pay out of pocket in full or you do not have insurance, we have an affordable membership plan, called Kleer, you can sign up for if you are an established patient. Please, call or email us for details. 

We know the business of insurance is confusing to most people, so please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. 

We are so grateful you are a part of our dental family, and we look forward to continuing our relationship together.


Warmest Regards, The Natural Focus Team