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Ozone Therapy

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Ozone Therapy

The oral cavity contains numerous amounts of microorganisms living in balance with the entire human body. What if there is something that could treat and reduce the harmful organisms, as well as support the surrounding healthy tissue without toxic side effects? With oxygen/ozone therapy for dentistry, this is now possible!

How it works

Ozone is a powerful oxidant that effectively treats bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites at a much lower concentration than chlorine without any of its toxic side effects because at the end of its performances it returns to the form of oxygen. These reactions also promote an stronger immune response and faster healing process.

Can I be allergic to Ozone?


No, It is impossible to be allergic to oxygen/ozone. Ozone is just an energized form of oxygen.

Ozone exists naturally in the atmosphere to filter out the sun's harmful UV rays and makes for that beautiful blue color in the sky. 

Is Ozone safe?

Yes, Ozone is generally safe for the human body. Human cells have antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase and others that prevent the oxidant action on human cells. Hence it is safe to healthy human cells and selectively cytotoxic to bugs.

How can Ozone help in my dental care?

Periodontal Health - Gum/Bone

Ozonized water inhibits dental plaque formation and reduces the number of subgingival pathogens. Moreover, ozonated water has a strong bactericidal activity against bacteria in the biofilm plates and inhibits plaque accumulation.

Oral surgery

Ozone is known to encourage wound healing as well as control opportunistic infection. Ozone irrigation promotes faster healing.

Other Dental Implications

  • For routine dental hygiene, and making regular mouthwash during treatment

  • As an infusion in the infected maxillary bone (cavitation)

  • As an irrigant with high concentrations during surgical procedures

  • As an irrigant with high concentrations during the new root canal therapy to disinfect the involved tooth

  • Use of ozonated olive oil for periodontal disease (adjunctive therapy)

  • and much more!

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