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Natural Dental Services

At the Dentist

Preventive Cleanings

Prevention of gum disease and bone loss is so important! With our natural minded hygienists you will have your gums cleared of build up and bacteria and give you advice on how to take care of your teeth at home. We use fluoride free paste to polish your teeth after your cleaning.


Ceramic Restorations

When decay has reached past the point of remineralization and healing we need to clear your tooth of affected matter and replace it. Our fillings are BPA-free and fluoride free. Our crowns are ceramic based placed with a non-toxic attachment material.


Kid's Services

We see all ages from newborn and up! Our goal for children is to set them up for a healthy mouth and a positive attitude toward the dental office so that they can avoid invasive dental treatments as they get older. When treatment is needed we practice gentle dentistry with friendly and conservatives services. 


Periodontal Treatment

When gum disease has caused bone loss and calculus build up we need to treat your gums. With the use of ozonated water and natural based gum products you will be guided toward better gum health.


Whitening Services

We offer fluoride free whitening services both in office as well as take home strips with coconut oil.



We offer digital impressions, digital x-rays with low dose of radiation, intra-oral photos, and CBCT scans. These help Dr. Wang provide the whole picture of your oral health as well as enable her to offer the least invasive options possible by catching things as early as possible.

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