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Functional Orthodontics 

What is ALF?

ALF therapy, or Advanced Light Force therapy, is an advanced innovative method of alternative orthodontic therapy, that integrates orthopedic, neurologic, and orthodontic principles, combined in a way to improve overall health and oral function.
The goal of traditional orthodontics is to improve on the appearance and location of the teeth and smile. In contrast, ALF Therapy provides a unique paradigm shift in dentistry and healthcare in general. The goals of ALF therapy are:
  • Bring cranial bones into good functional motion

  • Develop the dental arches to align the jaw to function together with enough room for the tongue

  • Promote better speech, swallowing and deglutition

This is an excellent video explaining ALF therapy by ALF inventor Dr. Nordstrom


The Design of ALF

  • The ALF device consists of a thin, removable metallic appliance that is placed in between the molars of the teeth.

  • The material itself is non-reactive and nontoxic.

  • It is not tight fitting, and the device is not “pushing” the teeth into position, but instead uses the body’s natural growth and helps to guides proper cranial-facial development

  • Each individual ALF device is custom made, tailored specifically for each patient’s needs.

The principles of ALF

ALF works primarily through using principles of cranial osteopathy, which is a hands-on practice in which a patient’s cranial and facial bones are gently manipulated

  • This helps to alignment the facial, spinal and cranial bones, providing an effective method for proper teeth positioning.

  • The ALF’s effects on the palate also promotes proper tongue placement for oral rest and appropriate posture position, which in turn promotes corrective orofacial form and function.

  • As a result, the results of ALF therapy are often more stable, and the effects are long-lasting.

These improvements in tongue and neurologic function create an environment for balanced, functional, and proper facial development as well as a whole body healing opportunity unlike any other dental appliance or therapy.
ALF therapy is not a “cure all” for all disease. As each patient has different needs, the many ALF designs are intended to accommodate those needs. Each individual ALF device is custom made, tailored specifically for each patient’s needs.

Who Benefits from ALF?

One of its primary uses is to assist with proper jaw development and skeletal alignment. Therefore, we screen at a young age to determine if there any significant developmental abnormalities that would benefit from ALF. There is actually no age limitation for ALF therapy. Even newborn babies could potentially be treated with it.

ALF Kid.jpg

Why ALF?

Even though the ALF appliance is technically an orthodontic appliance in that it affects and moves teeth, it offers so much more, especially for the child with abnormalities of facial growth and development.

  • From the unique design, the ALF device exerts a gentle force that creates a circuit of osteopathic, orthodontic, and neurosensory regulation.

  • This in turn allows your body to adapt and grow with the ALF device, using ALF as guidance.

  • It allows for proper tongue function and positioning and gives proper development and stability to the cranio-facial complex.

If you have any questions at all, please let us at Natural Focus Dental know! We are happy and proud to be one of the first providers in DFW that offers this device. If any of you have any concerns about someone and are interested in this device, we would love to sit down with you all to discuss how this device could potentially help you or your loved one!
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