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  • Does Natural Focus Dental require a patient to have x-rays taken?
    Dr. Wang has a very conservative approach to dental x-rays. At your first visit you will take a digital 3D scan and 4 “bitewing” x-rays. After that, you will receive only minimal x-rays once yearly. If you have different preferences, just let us know! We want you to feel comfortable about your dental care.
  • Do you do general dentistry?
    Yes, Dr. Wang performs general dentistry procedures with an integrative and holistic approach. You can see her for your regular exams and cleanings, BPA-free fillings, and gum therapy with a Laser technique.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    Give us a call! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have! You can also fill out a request to make an appointment online and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment!
  • Do you accept insurance?
    If you have a PPO Dental Plan, then you most likely will have benefits at our office! While we are considered "out of network", we are happy to send a claim on your behalf so that you can be reimbursed by your insurance. Please, call us to tell us your carrier details and we can give you a better idea about how we work with your insurance company.
  • Do you see children and adults?
    YES! We see everyone from newborn and up!
  • Do you have weekend hours?
    We are happy to accomodate our orthodontic patients on Saturdays due to the frequently needed appointments. All other types of appointments are only available Monday through Thursdays.
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