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 Natural Oral Wellness Starts Here

Holistic, Biological & Integrative Dental Care

What Natural Focus Dental Does Differently

Holistic approach to your health

Our body is a complex system that works as a single machine with many parts. 

At Natural Focus Dental, Dr. Wang views each patient from a holistic perspective. This means that when you come into our office, our team wants you to experience health and wellness not only in a dental sense but overall whole body health. 

Connect mouth with the body, promote whole body health with an emphasis on prevention.

A commitment to our environment through our choice of materials and waste management procedures.

Minimization of toxic substances whenever possible including using BPA free composite & sealants.

Why Molar Bear?
Things we do

We offer

but not limited to

Natural Holistic Dentistry

Looking for healthier dental care? 

We provide fluoride free dental cleanings, distilled water for our dental system, BPA free filling and sealants products, and more!

Pediatric Sleep Breathing Disorder

Does your child snore? Grind their teeth at night? Wake up groggy?
Help your loved one get the happy, healthy sleep they need every night!

Safe Amalgam Removal

Thinking about having your old silver filling replaced? We follow the SMART protocol to maximize your whole health.

Functional Orthodontics & Myofunctional Therapy

Teeth are too big for the mouth? Overbite?

Functional orthodontics and myofunctional guidance promotes a good foundation for whole health, by guiding proper jaw and airway development.

CPAP Alternative

Too much pressure from your CPAP? 

We provide non-invasive nightlase laser therapy and oral appliances to help you get the quality sleep you deserve.


Headache? Ear ringing? Jaw clicking? Neck tension?

It could be TMJ disorder.


As a medical doctor who practices functional medicine, I have searched for a biologic dentist for my family so that we can include our dental care in the mind-body-spirit approach we are committed to for overall health. We are so happy to have found Dr Wang and her fantastic staff to take care of us! Scheduling was super easy, the office is welcoming to both children and adults, and staff are organized, helpful, and cheerful. Dr Wang was great with my girls and Andrea, the hygienist, was WONDERFUL! We are in great hands! Frisco is fortunate to have such a well-trained dentist right here in our community.

— Tricia O.

Your Oral Health Starts Here

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3535 Victory Group Way, Suite #100, Frisco, TX 75034

Located behind Dunkin' Donuts 

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