Healthy Baby Program

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Molar Bear Healthy Baby Program

A healthy child starts with a healthy infant. Growth happens so rapidly from ages 0-24 months, and Dr. Wang has a passion for doing what she can to ensure your child is maximizing this time to develop properly.
Dr. Wang is glad to evaluate as young as one-day old to ensure that your precious addition is off to a healthy and happy start.
At the visit Dr. Wang examines for any oral tissue ties, dental arch form and developmental milestones.
You will leave the appointment with recommendations on nutrition, developmental milestones to be looking for, and exercises to do with your baby so that they are growing strong and healthy!

If your baby has any lip or tongue ties that inhibit proper function or breastfeeding challenges,

Dr. Wang can use her non-invasive Fotona Laser to correct it. This practice of the frenectomy provides the best opportunity for a fast and easy recovery for your baby. Moms have noticed improvement in breastfeeding mere moments after the procedure is completed.

If your baby has narrow dental arch, form or high palate,

The Molar Bear team can make a custom made appliance, neonatal ALF, to help your baby to have the ideal dental arch for better breathing , swallowing, and set a good foundation for the future teeth alignment and oral function.

No insurance? No worry!

Because Dr. Wang wants to be able to help as many people as she can, she evaluates babies under 24 months for only $24! We cannot wait to meet your little one!

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