General & Kid Dentistry

In addition to all of the specialized services we perform, we of course offer general dentistry care. This includes the following:

Preventative Care and Routine Cleaning

This includes the routine dental exams, dental cleanings, and x-rays with emphasis on proper dental hygiene and general oral health.

Kid Dentistry

We love seeing kids! Their smile and energy always brighten our day.

We want kids to feel welcome in our office. When Dr. Wang designed the office, there were certain areas that were designed specifically for kids, including a kid's playing area and a prize station.

In Molar Bear, we believe in building relationships as early as 6 month of age, to aid in preventing cavities, monitoring oral habits and jaw development.

We try our best to make kids feel comfortable and get the best dental care possible.

We also work with some local pediatric dentists as needed to help on certain cases.

Periodontal Care

We will evaluate and treat various gum diseases including gingivitis, we also provide instruction for proper maintenance of periodontal health, as periodontal disease continues to be a leading cause of tooth loss.

Restorative Dentistry

This includes dental crowns, bridges, fillings, implant restorations, and denture care.

Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Oral Surgery

This includes dental extractions, frenectomies, and other intra-oral surgical procedures
If you have any questions regarding general dental health, do not hesitate to call us or see us at Molar Bear Family Dental. We look forward to hearing from you!