Adult & Kid Ortho.

Why early orthodontic treatment?

Early Orthodontic treatment is very important for several reasons.
Normally, children breath through their nose. However, if there are any obstructions or blockages in their nasal passage, it can result in mouth breathing. This can eventually cause problems due to the nose acting as a filter to prevent bacteria and other organisms from being breathed in. Also, as a result, this causes the posture of the facial muscles and tongue muscles to grow in unnatural ways, causing problems with their jaw development, and abnormal teeth alignment.

If uncorrected, an underdeveloped jaw can form, as well as growing problems with breathing/airway and sleeping as well.
Our treatment goals include optimal facial and jaw development, promote nasal breathing, with lips together at rest, forming the correct tongue position. Also, we develop the habit of no lip muscles movement on swallowing to help the jaw develop, eventually form straighter teeth with the goal of no orthodontic retainers needed after treatment completed.

Critical dental development phases for children

Baby(deciduous) teeth are as important as adult teeth(permanent) teeth.
They are not only needed in chewing and smiling, more importantly baby teeth also have a role in maintaining space for adult teeth. We encourage parents to help brush and start dental care as early as possible to establish relationship.
In this stage, we are not only focusing on cavities, but we are also looking for signs of poor oral habits: signs of sleep grinding, signs of tongue restriction, all of which may lead to abnormal dentofacial growth. Followed by the comprehensive exam and finding, we may recommend early treatment or habit modifications. Referral to a pediatric ENT for tonsillar enlargement may also be needed to promote nasal breathing. Early orthodontic treatment is often successful and will possibly eliminate the need for future orthodontic treatments.

When both adult teeth and baby teeth are present in the mouth, we will review proper dental care at home, includes brushing, flossing and a healthy diet to ensure good future teeth health on the routine dental care.
During this stage, we will also take their first panoramic radiograph to see if there are any teeth impaction ,extra teeth or missing adult teeth. We will watch for any abnormal bite positions like underbite,overbite, as well as signs of mouth breathing. Also, we pay close attention to the space for the future adult teeth eruption. Based on our findings, we may recommend early orthodontic treatment to correct the bite, fix dental arch using appliances, or habit break program if there are any poor oral habits like thumb sucking. This is a great time to have an early orthodontic treatment as the oral tissue responds well to orthodontic treatments which possible eliminates the need for future treatments.

Here at Molar Bear Family Dental, we will provide you with a solution to help with early orthodontics for children. We use a specially designed oral appliance similar to a mouthpiece, and with the combination of the device and concurrent myofunctional training activities, we aim to guide the proper oral development. By adjusting the tongue into the correct position, creating a proper lip seal with correct swallowing habits, as a result, this will promote nasal breathing and proper jaw development Treatment is simply using the device for just several hours each day and overnight while sleeping.

Daily use of the device, and combined with regular activities (to improve muscle function, breathing, and tongue position) results in straighter teeth and improved function, leading to optimal jaw development and a healthier smile.

We will work together as a team to ensure your child will have the smile and proper development that your child deserves. With Molar Bear Family Dental as your dental team, we will explain our findings and the provide the treatment that is best fit for your kid. We will educate you along the process and provide all the assistance you need in order to give you proper treatment.
As a parent, you are the key for our success. We highly encourage you to motivate your child and be involved in the process to help your child achieve the best outcome possible.

As a kid, it is very important for you to practice your oral muscle training regularly, wear your appliance as instructed, eat healthy and stay happy.

If you have any questions about the device, the background/reasoning behind what we do, or any other concerns, feel free to let our team know!
For further information about the device/appliance, see the link for the official website:

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