Dental Laser & Cosmetic

With dental technology becoming more and more advanced, the field of dentistry has been becoming more expansive. Dental laser has revolutionized dentistry, with multiple treatments that provide quick and satisfying results. With the new award winning Dental Laser by Fotona ® in our office, the sky is the limit as far as the different kinds of procedures that can be performed at Molar Bear!

There are many benefits of performing procedures with our Dental Laser, including the following:

  • A wide range of hard and soft-tissue treatments
  • Comfortable fillings allowing for minimal drilling
  • Precise and effective treatments with Little or no bleeding.
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Laser treatments can improve the appearance of facial skin for a brighter and more youthful look

Here are just some of the procedures that we can do to help you get the smile that you like!

Facial Rejuvenation/SmoothLase®

With the advances in laser and dental technology, The Fotona® laser has the ability to improve skin tone and texture, and allow for a better facial rejuvination.
Using an intra-oral approach, we can help “turn back the clock” by stimulating collagen cells, to help your skin look younger. In this approach, it provides less adverse effects such as pain and bleeding in comparison to other extra-oral approaches.
Your skin deserves the best treatment, now possible with the Fotona® Dental Laser at Molar Bear Dental.

Lip Enhancement/LipLase®

We are So excited to offer Liplase® - the newest way to smoother and fuller your lip NATURALLY by activating collagen growth in your lips.
No Filler, No Allergic Reaction!
Fuller lips for 6 months to a year.
3 Sessions (3 weeks apart) for best results

Gummy Smile Reduction/Gingivoplasty

Thinking that your teeth are too short? Wishing for less gum appearance on your smile?
Schedule a Complimentary Smile Evaluation and let us know how you would like to have your smile look like.

Teeth Whitening / Kor Ultra Whitening System

We are proud to offer Kor whitening system. It is a comprehensive teeth whitening system which includes 2-week take home whitening treatment and one in office whitening treatment.
Kor Whitening system is designed for people who wants to have "WOW" reaction.
The home whitening pre-treatment is preparing the teeth to absorb and make the in office whitening treatment more efficient and effective.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

It is never too late to have your teeth straight!
Schedule a Complimentary Smile Evaluation appointment with us and tell us your preference: Clear aligner or brackets.
We also work with some local orthodontists as needed to help with certain cases.