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Molar Bear Dental Anxiety Relief Option

The thought of going to the dentist gives me anxiety, can’t you sedate me?
Dr. Wang has worked so hard making her practice as toxin free as possible, and therefore only prescribes medication very limitedly. That doesn’t mean you have to grin and “bear” it though! We have developed a very special solution to the common “dentalphobia”. What we found that has helped our many patients with anxiety in the past is that Dr. Wang is unlike many other dentists! Her approach to dentistry combined with calming and friendly chairside manner helps put you at ease as soon as you meet her.

Molar Bear Dental Anxiety Relief Package:

  • A calm and quiet atmosphere as soon- as you walk in you will hear calming classical music and smell our carefully chosen essential oil diffuser.
  • A comfortable waiting room that will remind you of sitting in a friend’s living room, complete with a fully loaded coffee and tea bar.
  • You will be welcomed by name when it is time to go into the dental room,and every step of the appointment will be explained prior to anything being done.

With the options of:

  • Using the heat and massage feature on our plush dental chairs
  • 3D Black out eye mask
  • Noise cancelling Bose headphones playing our chosen meditative and anxiety reducing playlist or music of your choice
  • Neck Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Hand massage from our licensed massage therapist on staff
  • TV on the ceiling playing anything you would like from Netflix
  • Rescue Remedy oil
  • Prescription oral anxiolytic medication (case by case)

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