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Where mouth meets whole body health!

Whole Body Approach

We go beyond teeth and gum. We do not just treat the symptoms, but focus on finding the root causes to deliver a definitive care.


We don't treat blindly. We are able to incorporate 3D image system into our comprehensive exam to ensure diagnostic accuracy.


We apply breathing, chewing and swallowing exercises to ensure a good health.

Team Approach

We understand the mouth is a part of our body. We work with other professionals who share the same value as us for a better long-term treatment outcome.

Why I do what I do?

When I was 7, I was told by multiple doctors that I had to wait until I was older for treatment, and later, was told I needed multiple dental extractions/jaw surgeries to allow for better teeth alignment. When I was 19, I met a functional approach dentist who helped me have my teeth line up without jaw surgery nor teeth pulled at age 19. They showed me the importance of correct habits and tongue position on proper facial development, which I use to guide my practice today, beyond just general dentistry.

Yu Ting Wang, DDS

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